• Bill Fischer

Innovation Resolutions For 2019: Choices You Can Make To Be More Innovative

Can I really become more innovative, or at least more comfortable with innovation activities around me?  Is it really possible to reverse habits, and adopt new behaviors, simply because a new year is approaching? In the spirit that it’s never too late, nor too difficult to attempt such changes, I have asked six astute observers of the role of leadership behaviors in the innovation scene to suggest one simple resolution each that could well change the way that you and I interact with innovative activities in the coming year. Most of these conversations had their origins at the November 2018 Global Peter Drucker Forum in Vienna, and in each case the contributors were chosen because of my respect for the quality and originality of their thoughts. These are people who I love to listen to; they inspire and provoke me to reexamine what I do and how I do it, and I always feel as if I come away with new insights as a result. Read more

This post originally appeared on Forbes.com on December 20, 2018

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