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Taking Teams Seriously

Teams are the dominant unit of work in the 21st century. Startup teams provide the hope of our future. Teams are one thing that most of us have in common; we’re all, or most of us, on one team or another, often several. Yet, teams are the most abused term you can find in the lexicon of managerial lingo. Observations such as “what a team!”, “build a team,” and “we’ve got a great team!” are bandied around many times in our daily lives, without any sort of analytical precision, as if all teams are same, or should be. .... This is unfortunate, because it seems from my executive education classroom perspective that while we’re all immersed in team experiences, we really don’t think analytically about how they work, or how they could work better. So, in the spirit of filling-in some missing team insights, let me suggest a few that hopefully will inspire more:

This first appeared on on July 14, 2019. To read the entire blog, please click here.

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